My work stems from silence and a certain awareness of being part of something existing far beyond our understanding. I would like to claim the role of intuitive knowledge, impermanence and contingency in a world of infinite possibilities; we have forgotten how through a certain intuition people have related to everyday life to create a safe and protective structure against precariousness and uncertainties through magic, myth, spirituality or reason –different notions of reality.

In the current state of things, so full of instability, it might be a moment to slow down to notice where we stand as intuitive, emotional and affective beings. The apparent power of reason seems to prevail over all aspects of our lives – the limitations of orthodox categorical affirmations prevent us from perceiving the hidden part of our own capacities and the impossibility to frame the ever-changing world.

In opposition to the supremacy of exteriorization, the excessive amount of images, noise and accumulation, I try to reduce the elements of my work putting special emphasis on the  process of its perception rather than on its analysis –it’s through our senses that we have a deeper comprehension of ourselves and of the world.

I give importance to the space and light in which most of my work is articulated, beyond its physical boundaries.

Fabric, stone, photograph, drawing or found materials endowed with a symbolic meaning associated with a historical and materialistic reality rather than metaphorical are the main media I use and empty space is always present.