My work stems from silence and the awareness of being part of something existing far beyond our understanding.

It might be time to pause to notice where we stand. In a world of impermanence and contingency, where everything is interrelated, the apparent power of reason seems to prevail over all aspects of our lives. Its limited, orthodox, categorical affirmations, trying to frame the ever-changing world of infinite possibilities, prevent us from perceiving the hidden part of our own capacities as intuitive, emotional and affective beings.

As opposed to the supremacy of the excessive amount of images, noise and accumulation, I try to reduce the elements composing my work and emphasize the┬áprocess of perception. After all it’s through our senses that we have a deeper comprehension of ourselves and of the world.

The media I use are fabric, photography, drawing, found or recycled stones for sustainable reasons. I also use other materials endowed with a symbolic rather than metaphorical meaning.

The space and light articulating the work beyond its physical boundaries are as important as the work itself.